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connection Final Fantasy XIV problem

since yesterday i have had buy ffxiv gil problems staying connected to the game. i have restarted my computer, cleared cookies and cache, everything possible. yet i still lose connection to the game. it is averaging about every 1-2 hours game time that i am on. i disconnected 10 or more times yesterday. each time i had to wait about 2-3 minutes each time because it kept saying i was still online. yes i have also yesterday reset my password as well. today i log in and haven't even been in the game for a hour and got disconnected. please fix this. it is not enjoyable and it is hampering my game play in the game to a point i cant really do anything. i lost a levequest yesterday because i got logged out right in the middle and when i got back in after about 5 minutes it said it failed. May very well be stability issues along your route to the server--most people find they run through a dozen or more hops getting there. Hard to know for sure without at least running some tracert's to your server. Time Warner, Comcast, and Charter have all been having some issues in certain regions lately as well, so it may be something up with your ISP upstream from your location. My modem bounced on me twice today when I was home for lunch... and my routing path changed from Cogent to TATA in the process. So, guessing TWC has been working on ff14store fixing some routing issues here in the Carolinas least, I HOPE they have been. We've been riding them hard about it for a long time.

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18/04/2015 10:30