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Final Fantasy XIV Triple Triad questions (been a while)

I haven't ff14store played TT in a while, even after platinum packs came out. Since I'm not going to go through and read every TT thread here to find my answer, I posted new thread to ask. I was wondering if it's possible to get a platinum pack by winning all 15 matches against King Elmer? And if so is he the only NPC you can win against 15 times to get a pack or is there another that would also get you enough points for a pack? Right now I am 4 cards short of 60, so I don't think beating King Elmer 15 times in a row without final upgrade is possible. Yes I know he can be defeated consistently with a low level deck, but you won't win every game doing that. You'd probably only win 6 of every 10 games if I remember right from back when I worked on getting Bahamut. Others will either be draw or loss. Basically I'm wanting to know if it's possible to get enough points for a platinum pack without final deck upgrade and through ffxiv NPCs?

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16/04/2015 11:40