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Final Fantasy XIV Developers: Can We Get Content to Bridge the 3 Months?

I know there's plenty of people who haven't leveled up everything or haven't finushed their Zodiac (s), etc. But for those of us who have, and I know there's plenty of us, can we get cheap ffxiv gil something to do for the next 3 months? Maybe remove the poetics cap for starters or give us another patch with new content? Normally it's 3 months between major patches (2.1, 2.2, etc.) and obviously 3.0 was originally intended to be roughly 3 months after 2.5 but when it got pushed back to 5, did anyone think maybe we need some content to do? This is what happens when you absolutely must complete all new content within days of release. personally I still have 3 patches worth of stuff to do, and that's not because I decided not to keep up, I simply got busy with other things in game. There is so much to do between leveling DoL, DoH classes, combat classes, relic weapons, gearing, Gold Saucer, housing, sight seeing, dailies, eternal bonding, hunting, etc... I still have so much to do before 3.0, there's no chance of being bored. Seriously, If people would take a more measured approach to the Final Fantasy XIV Powerleveling game and diversify their activities, the content would last a lot longer.

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08/04/2015 10:37