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FFXIV PVP LS Server Directory 2 - Electric Boogaloo

The old LS Directory has been buried and has not been updated Cheap ffxiv gil for roughly 5 months now Lets get a new one going with updated info, i'll also make the list available on my PvP tool so that players that don't frequent the forums can see Primal DATA CENTER Ultros KENKAI! - All GCs - Contacts: Kirito Kazuto, C'eve Arthu Behemoth Wolves Den FBOYZ - WD LS - Kisada Exis, Epistane Havoc Leviathan R U In French? PvP (formerly Storm's Eye PvP) - Contacts: Garu Dyne SERIOUS WD LS - Wolves Den Onry - Contacts: Freya Rei Diablos Twin bAdders ; Main contact = Buff Archer AETHER DATA CENTER Zalera PVP WHEN YOU WANT IT!- All GCs- Contacts: Veena Minerva, Edward Butler, Exec Fusionsphere, Stronster Bonecrusher MAELSTROM PVP FTW! -Contacts: Tayronius Destructum, Ah'ri Dawnbloom, Astrid Villeneuve, Dark Dakkon, Iagainsti Kilamanjiro, CRIMSON CANUCKLEHEADS! Maelstrom only- Invite Only Sargatanas Sultansworn Immortal ffxiv gil Flames, Open Contacts: Gryzz Odyss, Atreus Auditore, Amazing Laze, Thas Quall Faerie Adders Frontlines - Twin Adders - Contacts: Blubbers Ubbers, Brae Afference, Raven Mad Chaos Data Center Odin Wolve's Den Elite, Contacts: Kei Tsukimiya, Rising Dragoon, Selenia Argon

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02/04/2015 11:40