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FFXIV Issue with Duty Finder queue for Labyrinth of the Ancients

Time: 8:30 PM - (about) 8:50 PM PST, 4/18/2015 Frequency: Unknown World name: Excalibur Character name ff14store: Rhas Itiron Class/Level: Bard - Scholar - Black Mage - White Mage Party or solo: Queue solo for Duty Finder Dungeon/Trial: Labyrinth of the Ancients


I sat in queue for CT (crystal Tower aka Labyrinth of the Ancients) as a Bard for over 25 minutes originally as the only player viewable in queue. I then switched to a healer just for fun to see how bad it was and lo and behold my surprise when it showed 2 tanks, 3 other healers and 8 DPS sitting and waiting in Queue. I quickly switched back to bard to join in with the other people and to my surprise, several minutes later I see this

I then switch back to healer and waited a few minutes to see this

Being confused, I switched to another DPS job, my black mage and waited a few minutes to see this.

Finally I switched over to white mage to be totally surprised that there were *still* the same number of people the I saw on my scholar, after only 1 minute of waiting no less.

I switched back to bard once again and waited for another 15 minutes to see myself as the only one in queue for the entire time. I got frustrated and simply just logged out. I wanted to go on my bard, not as a healer, to try collecting a few pieces of CT bard gear since I actually like that look and would not have priority to loot if I didn't go as a bard.

There seems to be something wrong with the Duty Finder queue's in general and not sure where to actually report this. This was just my last experience today with only one dungeon selected, Labyrinth of the Ancients. My DPS jobs should have been added to the same queue's as both of my healers saw so there must be an issue somewhere.

This has happened to FFXIV Power leveling me on more than one occasion from various dungeons before so I thought to actually snap a few screenshots for once and post it.

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