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Final Fantasy XIV LOGIN ERROR: "A system error has occurred: -2146697208"

When trying to log into FFXIV I get ffxiv powerleveling this error message, I took a screen shot to show you. Prior to this happening the start up would just show a black screen until I went into properties and ran the program in compatibility mode. Regardless of what I do I keep getting this error when trying to run FFXIV. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. I also tried this from a Reddit link I found online. That's a generic error for your browser loosing connection. Could be a host of things... it often seems to be something in Internet Explorer (basically what the launcher is based on). Reset IE to defaults, then go into the advanced properties and scroll down to the encryption section (SSL, TLS, etc.) and make sure all the encryption is flagged for use--forget all of them, but it's like 5 or so (SSL2.0, SSL3.0, TLS 1.0, etc.). Then clear your browser cache so that it tries to pull fresh scripts. Those seem to be common things players have done in the past. If it is still knackering up, then you'll want to look at your security. If you haven't created exceptions for the FFXIV Gil executables, may want to go ahead and add them. If you have already added them, may need to update the rules (sometimes when a file changes from a patch, security will clamp down on it). May want to add a wildcard entry for the site as well (where the browser is trying to connect) as a trusted site in your security and possibly browser as well. Edit: BAH!.. OP posted it was resolved as I was typing this. lol

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