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So many Final Fantasy XIV Dragonns in Ishgards.... I thought there supposed to be only one per era?

Correct me if I m wrong (it is why I post here to ask anyway), but when you were doing the Dragoon story line. that captain seem to point out something about only one person will become dragoon in each generation? and he point out how this time, because his original pupil betrayed him, that was why FFXIV Powerleveling it is exception to have two dragoon this time. (somehow?) Well, I m not so clear on dragoon story, so if anybody could point it out, it would be nice. Just that it seem to me that the lore telling about how there should be just one dragoon. now then I see trailer in 3.0 has an army of dragoons... There's Dragoons (Ishgard heavy infantry), and theres Azure Dragoons (Mentally and Magically Linked to Great Dragons). All but two Dragoons belong to the first group. EDIT: As for there being two Azure Dragoons, that essential a function of the Warrior of Light. We can jack skills from pebbles. We also, for all the talk of their being Azure Dragoons, don't seem to be a proper one - While I think hearing the dragons is mentioned a couple of times throughout the Dragoon story, we don't seem to be connected to Nidhogg, at least not to the degree that the proper Azure Dragoon is. EDIT EDIT: Also, who know what happens in Heavensward? Maybe Ishgard discovers how to connect more people to Nidhogg, creating more Dragoons. Maybe Final Fantasy XIV Gil that's a bad thing and we have to deal with it. Maybe Cid realizes that all a Azure Dragoon is is a madman who can jump high and is allergic to life, and creates some sort of aetheric powered spring boot for Ishgard. The possibilities are endless.

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