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Why do we have 1000 Final Fantasy XIV TP? Would it be better if we had 100?

Is there any good reason as to why we have 1000 TP? Nothing in the Final Fantasy XIV Gil game, as far as I know consumes a TP amount that ends in anything but 0. There is nothing that consumes 55 TP for example. We can only consume TP in multiples of 10, and we gain 60 TP per 3 seconds, which is a multiple of 10. So why exactly do we have 1000 TP instead of 100? If we had 100, we would gain 6 TP per second, and our skills would consume, 5,7,8,10,12, instead of 50,60,70,80,100,120. It would look nicer and take up less space on my 720p monitor. The only reason this is, that I can come up with is that we may get new skills that consume new amounts of TP, but will that really happen? Also we might as well count in base 12. I love that Warrior has so much HP but I don't want to start seeing 8.4 million, with damage taken being 2.6m per hit. It would literally end up being the exact same % of HP taken now, but with big numbers to help a player feel accomplished in leveling and gearing up. There always needs to be some sort of progression, but the problem is that we're so linear now, the only progression is up. A small selection of BiS gear isn't i130, which is actually nice to see. If they can expand on this, giving us more options, I think we can avoid seeing our unnecessarily large FFXIV Power leveling numbers.

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