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I'd like to see more QoL abilities for gathering certain finicky Final Fantasy XIV items

I'd like to see more QoL abilities for gathering certain finicky ffxiv items. Toil of the Mountaineer/Pioneer II (600 GP): Uncover a Hidden item at the selected node. Useful for forcing seeds/soil to pop at a node, if slowly. Master Moocher (500 GP): Use the currently hooked fish as bait. Because ARGHHHHHH why can't you mooch with NQ fish. Alternatively, or in addition to the above, Big Haul (400 GP): The next fish you land will be HQ. Can only be used on fish 10 or more levels below your own. Equivalent to Leaf Turn/Solid Reason from BTN/MIN. Secure Line (500 GP): Prevents "the fish gets away". Can you tell I've been Big Fishing recently? FFS. Hell, I'd be happy if they'd make the Truth abilities auto-activate like the ones that reveal the standard nodes. Or better still, took them all and made them traits instead of abilities. It just seems weird the way they did it. I'd also like an intermediary HQ chance booster, call it 200GP for ~20% FFXIV Gil. Cordials could stand to have their cooldown drastically reduced, too.


FFXIV Issue with Duty Finder queue for Labyrinth of the Ancients

Time: 8:30 PM - (about) 8:50 PM PST, 4/18/2015 Frequency: Unknown World name: Excalibur Character name ff14store: Rhas Itiron Class/Level: Bard - Scholar - Black Mage - White Mage Party or solo: Queue solo for Duty Finder Dungeon/Trial: Labyrinth of the Ancients


I sat in queue for CT (crystal Tower aka Labyrinth of the Ancients) as a Bard for over 25 minutes originally as the only player viewable in queue. I then switched to a healer just for fun to see how bad it was and lo and behold my surprise when it showed 2 tanks, 3 other healers and 8 DPS sitting and waiting in Queue. I quickly switched back to bard to join in with the other people and to my surprise, several minutes later I see this

I then switch back to healer and waited a few minutes to see this

Being confused, I switched to another DPS job, my black mage and waited a few minutes to see this.

Finally I switched over to white mage to be totally surprised that there were *still* the same number of people the I saw on my scholar, after only 1 minute of waiting no less.

I switched back to bard once again and waited for another 15 minutes to see myself as the only one in queue for the entire time. I got frustrated and simply just logged out. I wanted to go on my bard, not as a healer, to try collecting a few pieces of CT bard gear since I actually like that look and would not have priority to loot if I didn't go as a bard.

There seems to be something wrong with the Duty Finder queue's in general and not sure where to actually report this. This was just my last experience today with only one dungeon selected, Labyrinth of the Ancients. My DPS jobs should have been added to the same queue's as both of my healers saw so there must be an issue somewhere.

This has happened to FFXIV Power leveling me on more than one occasion from various dungeons before so I thought to actually snap a few screenshots for once and post it.


Final Fantasy XIV LOGIN ERROR: "A system error has occurred: -2146697208"

When trying to log into FFXIV I get ffxiv powerleveling this error message, I took a screen shot to show you. Prior to this happening the start up would just show a black screen until I went into properties and ran the program in compatibility mode. Regardless of what I do I keep getting this error when trying to run FFXIV. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. I also tried this from a Reddit link I found online. That's a generic error for your browser loosing connection. Could be a host of things... it often seems to be something in Internet Explorer (basically what the launcher is based on). Reset IE to defaults, then go into the advanced properties and scroll down to the encryption section (SSL, TLS, etc.) and make sure all the encryption is flagged for use--forget all of them, but it's like 5 or so (SSL2.0, SSL3.0, TLS 1.0, etc.). Then clear your browser cache so that it tries to pull fresh scripts. Those seem to be common things players have done in the past. If it is still knackering up, then you'll want to look at your security. If you haven't created exceptions for the FFXIV Gil executables, may want to go ahead and add them. If you have already added them, may need to update the rules (sometimes when a file changes from a patch, security will clamp down on it). May want to add a wildcard entry for the site as well (where the browser is trying to connect) as a trusted site in your security and possibly browser as well. Edit: BAH!.. OP posted it was resolved as I was typing this. lol


connection Final Fantasy XIV problem

since yesterday i have had buy ffxiv gil problems staying connected to the game. i have restarted my computer, cleared cookies and cache, everything possible. yet i still lose connection to the game. it is averaging about every 1-2 hours game time that i am on. i disconnected 10 or more times yesterday. each time i had to wait about 2-3 minutes each time because it kept saying i was still online. yes i have also yesterday reset my password as well. today i log in and haven't even been in the game for a hour and got disconnected. please fix this. it is not enjoyable and it is hampering my game play in the game to a point i cant really do anything. i lost a levequest yesterday because i got logged out right in the middle and when i got back in after about 5 minutes it said it failed. May very well be stability issues along your route to the server--most people find they run through a dozen or more hops getting there. Hard to know for sure without at least running some tracert's to your server. Time Warner, Comcast, and Charter have all been having some issues in certain regions lately as well, so it may be something up with your ISP upstream from your location. My modem bounced on me twice today when I was home for lunch... and my routing path changed from Cogent to TATA in the process. So, guessing TWC has been working on ff14store fixing some routing issues here in the Carolinas least, I HOPE they have been. We've been riding them hard about it for a long time.


Final Fantasy XIV Triple Triad questions (been a while)

I haven't ff14store played TT in a while, even after platinum packs came out. Since I'm not going to go through and read every TT thread here to find my answer, I posted new thread to ask. I was wondering if it's possible to get a platinum pack by winning all 15 matches against King Elmer? And if so is he the only NPC you can win against 15 times to get a pack or is there another that would also get you enough points for a pack? Right now I am 4 cards short of 60, so I don't think beating King Elmer 15 times in a row without final upgrade is possible. Yes I know he can be defeated consistently with a low level deck, but you won't win every game doing that. You'd probably only win 6 of every 10 games if I remember right from back when I worked on getting Bahamut. Others will either be draw or loss. Basically I'm wanting to know if it's possible to get enough points for a platinum pack without final deck upgrade and through ffxiv NPCs?


So many Final Fantasy XIV Dragonns in Ishgards.... I thought there supposed to be only one per era?

Correct me if I m wrong (it is why I post here to ask anyway), but when you were doing the Dragoon story line. that captain seem to point out something about only one person will become dragoon in each generation? and he point out how this time, because his original pupil betrayed him, that was why FFXIV Powerleveling it is exception to have two dragoon this time. (somehow?) Well, I m not so clear on dragoon story, so if anybody could point it out, it would be nice. Just that it seem to me that the lore telling about how there should be just one dragoon. now then I see trailer in 3.0 has an army of dragoons... There's Dragoons (Ishgard heavy infantry), and theres Azure Dragoons (Mentally and Magically Linked to Great Dragons). All but two Dragoons belong to the first group. EDIT: As for there being two Azure Dragoons, that essential a function of the Warrior of Light. We can jack skills from pebbles. We also, for all the talk of their being Azure Dragoons, don't seem to be a proper one - While I think hearing the dragons is mentioned a couple of times throughout the Dragoon story, we don't seem to be connected to Nidhogg, at least not to the degree that the proper Azure Dragoon is. EDIT EDIT: Also, who know what happens in Heavensward? Maybe Ishgard discovers how to connect more people to Nidhogg, creating more Dragoons. Maybe Final Fantasy XIV Gil that's a bad thing and we have to deal with it. Maybe Cid realizes that all a Azure Dragoon is is a madman who can jump high and is allergic to life, and creates some sort of aetheric powered spring boot for Ishgard. The possibilities are endless.


Why do we have 1000 Final Fantasy XIV TP? Would it be better if we had 100?

Is there any good reason as to why we have 1000 TP? Nothing in the Final Fantasy XIV Gil game, as far as I know consumes a TP amount that ends in anything but 0. There is nothing that consumes 55 TP for example. We can only consume TP in multiples of 10, and we gain 60 TP per 3 seconds, which is a multiple of 10. So why exactly do we have 1000 TP instead of 100? If we had 100, we would gain 6 TP per second, and our skills would consume, 5,7,8,10,12, instead of 50,60,70,80,100,120. It would look nicer and take up less space on my 720p monitor. The only reason this is, that I can come up with is that we may get new skills that consume new amounts of TP, but will that really happen? Also we might as well count in base 12. I love that Warrior has so much HP but I don't want to start seeing 8.4 million, with damage taken being 2.6m per hit. It would literally end up being the exact same % of HP taken now, but with big numbers to help a player feel accomplished in leveling and gearing up. There always needs to be some sort of progression, but the problem is that we're so linear now, the only progression is up. A small selection of BiS gear isn't i130, which is actually nice to see. If they can expand on this, giving us more options, I think we can avoid seeing our unnecessarily large FFXIV Power leveling numbers.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Patch 2.55 Readies Players For Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will get its first expansion this summer, but in the meantime, adventurers of Eorzea will get cheap ffxiv gil one last major patch that will lead them into the new land of Ishgard. Here are some of the highlights from the Patch 2.55 notes. First and foremost, the Patch 2.55, or Before the Fall – Part II will finish the main scenario quests and its story, picking up where it left off on Patch 2.5. The story will finish leading its path to the Ishgard region, which will be the main area of interest in the upcoming Heavensward expansion. It will also feature a new trial “The Steps of Faith,” an eight-man duty. Unlike other duties, success in the Steps of Faith is contingent upon the ability to defend certain constructs along the bridge toward Ishgard. Furthermore, total party incapacitation will not result in failure of the duty. Players will instead be returned to the starting point of the duty, at which point they can return to battle. Additionally, it appears that Square Enix are giving players an extra little push with help in the Second and Final Coil of Bahamut. The Second Coil of Bahamut will now get 20% Echo buffs, which increases the players’ maximum HP, damage dealt, and healing magic potency, a 5% increase from what it was previously. As for the Final Coil of Bahamut, currently the most difficult content in the game, its weekly restriction on entering all four turns has been abolished. Players may now proceed directly to any turn, and can enter it directly via the Duty Finder with a full party. Finally, “The Gift of the Archmagus” weekly quest that requires you to do all three Tower raids will now give Encrypted Tomestones, an item that can be turned in for i120 weapons, and was previously only available through the Final Coil of Bahamut. The patch note also states the following Final Fantasy XIV Powerleveling: “In preparation for the upcoming expansion, the player-matching algorithms for the Duty Finder have been adjusted,” which also sounds quite mysterious, and gives us an idea that things might be a little different for Duty Finding when the expansion launches.


Final Fantasy XIV Developers: Can We Get Content to Bridge the 3 Months?

I know there's plenty of people who haven't leveled up everything or haven't finushed their Zodiac (s), etc. But for those of us who have, and I know there's plenty of us, can we get cheap ffxiv gil something to do for the next 3 months? Maybe remove the poetics cap for starters or give us another patch with new content? Normally it's 3 months between major patches (2.1, 2.2, etc.) and obviously 3.0 was originally intended to be roughly 3 months after 2.5 but when it got pushed back to 5, did anyone think maybe we need some content to do? This is what happens when you absolutely must complete all new content within days of release. personally I still have 3 patches worth of stuff to do, and that's not because I decided not to keep up, I simply got busy with other things in game. There is so much to do between leveling DoL, DoH classes, combat classes, relic weapons, gearing, Gold Saucer, housing, sight seeing, dailies, eternal bonding, hunting, etc... I still have so much to do before 3.0, there's no chance of being bored. Seriously, If people would take a more measured approach to the Final Fantasy XIV Powerleveling game and diversify their activities, the content would last a lot longer.

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